Justice for Michelle

This website is dedicated to the active pursuit of Michelle Norris’ killer. It’s been 30 years since Michelle Norris was raped and murdered on Memorial Day Weekend 1988 in Central Falls, RI. Her killer has never been caught or brought to justice. It has since become known as one of Rhode Island’s most infamous cold cases. For 30 years her killer has walked free, lurking among the shadows. Until recently a suspect has been brought to light, by the TV show Breaking Homicide and the work of former Central Falls Police Detective Derrick Lavasseur, who took a fresh look at the case and was able to follow some leads that the Central Falls Police either missed, or ignored..

Both the face, and the criminal history of this monster Joseph Pelland, make us wonder?? How many other people has he victimized in the last 30 years…? and why was he allowed to roam free for so long?? 10 year old Christine Cole was abducted near the same playground as Michelle just 4 months earlier, her body washed up on the shore in Warwick, RI a few days later… Like Michelle, her killer has never been found.

This website is a dedicated effort to compile as much additional evidence, testimony, and other helpful information against Joseph Pelland, to ensure his prosecution and conviction, by crowd sourcing the Rhode Island community where Joseph Pelland worked and lived for the past 30 years for information, historical witness testimony, etc.

We are asking for your help, to ensure that this monster never sees the light of day. Ever, ever Again!
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any information you may have.

The Case Against Joseph A Pelland

Joseph Pelland Pedophile Rapist
Joseph A. Pelland

Just a few months after Michelle Norris’s Murder, one of their neighbors, Joseph Pelland was arrested and charged with raping Michelle’s best friend Tammy Beland, who lived 2 houses down from Michelle’s Grandmother’s house where Michelle was living at the time of her disappearance and murder. But somehow, the Central Falls Police Department never make the connection between Tammy’s Rapist and Michelle’s Rapist, even though the two were best friends, and had lived 2 houses from one another at the time Michelle went missing on May 28, 1988.

In an interview with Derrick Levasseur on the new show Breaking Homicide, Tammy Beland recounted the manner in which Joseph Pelland sexually assaulted her by strangling her, and shoving her face down into the carpet to the point where she nearly succumbed to suffocation. The same exact manner in which Michelle Norris was killed according to the autopsy report.

But somehow the Central Falls Police Department never made this connection, and never pursued Joseph Pelland, as a possible suspect, even though he was a violent child rapist, who just happened to live in the same exact neighborhood where Michelle lived and was abducted from… And other young girls went missing from. What are the odds??

We need your Help!

As it stands, Joseph Pelland could one day walk free. The murders he has now been accused of, but not yet convicted of, pre-date DNA testing and there currently might not be enough evidence for the District Attorney’s Office to pursue a case against him…

If you know Joseph Pelland, and would like to share your story, please Contact Us!

We can work together to keep this animal off our streets, and locked safely away where he won’t ever hurt another child again..

This will not stop with just Michelle Norris and Joseph Pelland… We want to hunt down every child predator in Rhode Island and bring Justice for the kids!


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